Carmen will always be free… she is a gypsy, a Romany, a traveller, an untamed spirit, captivating and elusive, yet earthy and fiercely alive.

Jose Agudo draws upon his unique palette of Flamenco and contemporary dance to create this dramatic adaptation of Prosper Merimée’s classic novella. The company deliver a rich tapestry of human motives and emotions, unravelling the complex exchange between conformity and freedom; the tension unleashed by obsessive human behaviour, the desire for self-disclosure and upholding the right to be free.

Set to an original Flamenco infused score by Bernhard Schimpelsberger and additional track by Kefaya, Carmen is a story about individuality, freedom, love and pleasure, and the belief that our journey of twists and turns we call life is always valuable.


Artistic Director & Choreographer: Jose Agudo
Executive Producer: Claire Cunningham
Dancers: Nikita Goile, Joshua Scott, Luke Watson, Yukiko Masui, Faye Stoeser, Juan Sánchez Plaza, Lucia Chocarro or Nicola Micallef
Rehearsal Director: Florinda Camilleri
Composer: Bernhard Schimpelsberger
Party Scene Soundtrack: Kefaya
Lighting Designer & Technical Director: Andrew Ellis
Dramaturgy: Denise Mulholland
Costume Designer (Women): Luke Azzopardi
Costume Materials (Women): Camilleri Paris Mode
Costume Designer (Men): Rosalind Noctor

Marketing Director: Sammie Squire
Tour Booking: Sarah Trist at STDMA and Agudo Dance Company
ADC Bursary Artists: Sharia Johnson and Joshua Harriette
Participation Team: Kenny Wing Tao Ho, Elly Braund, Eryck Brahmania
Film Maker and Editor: Nick Atkins

Carmen is co-commissioned by
Fairfield Halls Production Fund, Croydon Creative Enterprise Zone, Croydon Council, DanceEast

Supported by
Arts Council England, Nottingham Lakeside Arts, The Place, The Yoga Edge

Participation project in partnership with Dance Umbrella

For tour bookings please contact:
Claire Cunningham, Executive Producer
+44 7976 931743