Flamenco Roots Course with Jose Agudo




Welcome to Flamenco Roots!

This 7-session, contemporary Flamenco course is the spine of the practice of choreographer Jose Agudo/Agudo Dance Company (UK/Spain). Participants will experience the fundamentals of Flamenco dance such as rhythm, expressive use of the arms and footwork, and then explore the choreography of the Farruca. Most importantly, we will be expressive and let go into the groove and warmth of the contemporary Flamenco spirit. This course is taught with acoustic guitar played by Giuliano Modarelli.
1. Introduction
2. Warm up
3. Articulation of the arms
4. Footwork
5. Farruca part one (learn a choreography)
6. Farruca part two (learn a choreography)
7. Farruca part three (learn a choreography)
8. Full length reference video (Dance the full Farruca to speed together)

Private coaching available on request

Filming and editing: Nick Akins